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    Rock your beach look with the right Swim Trunks

    Summer brings warm weather of fun-filled activities, swimming, pool parties and beach parties are a few to name. In a weather like this, a good pair of swim trunks for men goes a long way. Such swimwear should be chosen that is comfortable, functional and according to your personality.

    We have got a variety of styles in Mens Swim Trunks for you to stand out in the crowd. Whether you are looking for plaid, floral, camo or short trunks, you will find here everything that makes you not just feel good but look good too. Many pairs have the water repellent feature to keep you dry when you are having summer fun. A good pair of beachwear doesn’t always have to uncomfortable. We have got you covered with the best variety, material, and style.

    History of men swimwear

    Do you know that men’s swimwear were nonexistence before the 19th century? In the old times, modesty was a big factor in swimwear. The only kind of swimwear in existence was similar to traditional undergarments. The first type ever made was composed of knitted wool. It was stretchy but it was difficult to carry since wool could absorb water and gain weight.

    It was a norm for men to wear swimwear that exposed less skin and this norm continued for decades. Eventually, exceptions were introduced and now we are in the century wear swim trunks are considered to be an integral part of the men’s swimwear.

    Factors to consider when choosing swim trunks

    As you will be flaunting your summer body, you must either pick a pair of swim trunks that is the right fit for your body and your overall personality. As long as you keep in mind the following factors, you will pick the right one for yourself.


    Mens swim trunks should be a bit tight so they stay up. In this way, you won’t have to use the drawstring. Some prefer the drawstring boys swim trunks while some want to have the Velcro fly. The waist needs to have a little grip for the swim trunk to stay put with the body so that you won’t have to adjust.

    Opening Legs

    The opening leg of your swim trunks counts too. Don’t choose such shorts that have a wide leg opening. Otherwise, your legs will look wimpy and thin and this particularly looks bad for men who have skinny legs.


    Swim trunks for men should not be skin tight that everything becomes too obvious and they should not either have too much excess material. Mobility for your legs is important. Do not sacrifice your entire look by buying shorts that are too tight.


    The length of your swim trunks should stay above your knees and till the middle of the thigh. About between two to four inches above the knee would do best. Trunks that have the inseam length of around 5 to 8 inches are always the best option.


    Comfort not only means the length or waist of the swim trunks but be a good fit. It also means the overall swimwear should be comfortable. Short swim trunks provide you with easy leg opening and stretching. Owning shorts means you have got a pair of clothing that you can move easily in. Some brands have got quite wide leg openings. However, if you have got highly muscular thighs then slim fit swim trunks would be best.

    Colors and patterns

    Before investing your time and money in mens short swim trunk, you need to be vigilant about what kind of fitting you want and what shape you are looking for. Once you have got it right with the fitting of your swim trunk, you need to emphasize on the color of the shorts.
    First things first, stay away from the large block patterns, broad horizontal stripes and most importantly, color blocking. No unnecessary bulk or cargo pockets should be entertained. Go for the solid colors (burgundy, black, navy, grey, etc.), they always make the best appearance. If you are not much of a solid color fan, then try out small-scale patterns. Your color and pattern decision can influence your entire look.

    How to style your swim trunks?

    There are some men who feel shy and don’t want to experiment with their look. In that case, just wear solid black, white or a gray T-shirt with the desired swim shorts.

    Don’t wear baggy shorts. A slim man in oversized clothing never looks good, even if it is a swimsuit.

    Beaches and pools are a few places where you will look respectable even if you wear bright colors or bold graphics. Even a floral men’s swim trunks would do the work. If you want to make a retro statement, then choose geometric or vintage floral patterns. However, do not pick an abrasive design otherwise, it is going to draw attention towards your mid-section and you wouldn’t want that, now would you?

    Lots of designers today have started making trunks that dry quickly and they can also be used as shorts. In that case, pick those swim shorts that have pockets and a snap front closure. There are some fly closures that don’t have a zipper underneath but there is still a layer to add a finished look. That’s the kind of swim shorts you would definitely want in your wardrobe. You can also wear such shorts with a collared shirt and head straight to dinner after spending time at the beach.